About Us

I have been a keen fisherman since the age of 8 and that passion for fishing has took me all around the world in search of exotic and huge fish. I found utopia.

In 2009 I visited Thailand and fell in love with the type of fishing that was available. I originally came on a 2 week holiday with a couple of friends...... and never left.

After visiting every fishery in Thailand I found my favourite venue and approached the owner about buying a plot of land on the side of the lake and building my own house. This has been my home ever since.

I myself live permanently on the resort with my wife and 2 kids. My days are spent doing random things around the resort and also managing the fisheries stock ponds. For me, there is nothing I'd rather do in my life than this. I enjoy my days on the resort with a passion.

To keep me busy I have decided to share my knowledge of the Thai fishing scene and have created this website together with the fantastic packages on offer.

Being a resident on the venue is like living in paradise, I have the worlds best fishery as my garden pond and I get to meet new and interesting people every day of the week. Whether you're just a novice or an expert angler, It truly is a dream come true for any fisherman. What is more, you wont have to worry about the wife becoming bored whilst your fishing for monsters because there's the fabulous pool area, an in house massage service or just reading a book on your verandah or with you in the anglers sala will keep them more than occupied.

I invite you to share my experience and allow you to sample the very best of what Thailand has to offer.

I have put together a package fishing tour that includes the best venues in terms of catching fish and value for money that I hope will be of interest to you.

A little more about me

Where I live

My pride and joy. The first property I ever bought outright and my home unilt I become old and grey.

My office

Its not what you would call a typical office, but it has some fantastic views of the surrounding mountains.

My better half...

Better or worse depending on who you are talking to. My lovely wife has stuck with me through thick and thin.

My reason for living here

This is the near 200lb monster that went a long way towards persuading me to build a home here on the resort.


Quite possibly the cutest most laid back dog you will meet. Buster was rescued from a dog shelter and he has some serious abandonment issues, so you wont see him more than 20 feet away from me wherever I go.


Lu-lu is also a rescue cat, she discovered how to open the sliding door to our house and since then she has been on a constant mission to escape from Alcatraz and proceed to the top of the nearest coconut tree.

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