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Are you mad about Fishing?

Do you dream of catching the fish of a lifetime? That one fish that you will remember until the day you die? That classic fishermans tale of man vs monster that you can tell a thousands times and never tire of the story?

Do you enjoy warm weather and natural surroundings?

Are you bored of your local fishery? Is the cold weather taking some of the joy out of fishing? Or maybe you just want to try something different for a change?

Have you ever caught a fish weighing more than you?

Thailand is home to more world record species than anywhere else in the world. Carp in Thailand grow to insane sizes due to the warm climate and undisturbed habitat's. Thailand is also famed for its predatory species such as Araipima, Catfish and Alligator Gar.

River Monsters Thailand offers you the fishing experience of a lifetime.

We offer package fishing holidays on a world class fishery located in Cha-am, Thailand. Just 90 minutes drive from Bangkok Airport.

Our packages offer you the chance to catch a wide variety of Thailands river monster species with a world class fishing resort as your home base. You will spend the majority of your holiday fishing on this resort, with a couple of day trips to other venues depending on which package you select. For more information about our packages, click here.

Carp weighing close to 200lb and Arapaima weighing in excess of 400lb, Mekong Catfish up to 400lb plus a multitude of other species like Redtail Catfish, Chao Phraya Catfish, Tambaqui, Pacu, Alligator Gar and many others. For more information about the fish you can catch, visit our fish species page.

Our packages are designed to be pain free. We take care of all the small details so you can focus on having a fantastic holiday.

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Luxurious accommodation

Luxurious accommodation

Your room has been beautifully decorated in traditional Thai style and comes with TV/Cable, comfortable bed and the essential air conditioning. The room also comes with a private toilet/shower and kitchen area complete with all amenities.

Natural surroundings

Natural surroundings

The lake is 4.5 hectares with a maximum depth of 4 meters. The lake is lined with tall rushes and other native water plants. Large coconut palms are dotted around the edge of the lake that provide fresh coconuts all through the year. All 16 swims have fans and electric sockets, they also have adequate seating, a table to eat and a much needed wide area of shade for you to take rest from the heat of the day.

Fantastic food menu

Fantastic food menu

Food is served on site between the hours of 07:00 to 21:00 and consists of a great Eurpoean and Thai menu. Including all local Thai dishes for anyone who wishes to sample the local cuisine

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200lb Carp

A healthy stocking of Carp weighing up to 200lb

Thailand is the land of the giant fish and Carp are no exception. Thai Carp are river fish and need to be able to swim against the strong currents of the Mekong river, this characteristic makes them put up an incredible fight when they live in a lake. They are incredibly powerful fish and have been known to fight for up to 12 hours on rod and line. This is fishing in Thailand!

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3 meter long Arapaima

One of the biggest freshwater species known to man

Arapaima are stocked in large numbers in the lake to around 150 kg in weight. Arapaima originate from the Amazon River and have been stocked in some fishing lakes in Thailand for some time now. Arapaima in this lake are some of the biggest in the world.

Chao Praya Catfish

One of the most aggressive of all catfish species

This is a predatory catfish which is a strong fighter and can be caught day and night on a large range of baits both live and dead fish and meat baits as well as artificial lures and flies.

Redtail Catfish

Insatiable appetite and incredibly powerful

The Redtail Catfish is a powerfully built and voracious predator that can be found in Thailand to weights exceeding 80Kg. It is an imported species that thrives in the lakes of Thailand, gaining weight rapidly, and also gaining a reputation as an excellent sport fish.

Alligator Gar

Elusive and prehistoric looking

The alligator gar is one strange looking fish. With a long alligator-like jaw lined with saw-like razor-sharp teeth and a long body covered in hard scales, the fish looks like it was something lost from the prehistoric era that just decided to stop evolving. Gloves should be worn when handling a large specimen as their scales can become quite abrasive and caution should be practiced since their snapping jaws can easily tear flesh.

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Book your fishing holiday of a lifetime and experience the pleasure of catching the fish of your dreams

Our lake is packed full of huge fish. Fish that are impossible to catch anywhere in Europe. Fish that can fight for hours before they submit to the net.

We provide you with the chance to be "That guy" with the best fishermans tale of all time. With pictures to prove it!

We have built an exclusive package that offers the highest possible standard of accommodation for the duration of your holiday. You will stay on our beautiful resort and enjoy fishing the lake that is just 50 paces from your bungalow. We also include day trips to other "hidden gems" for you to have a chance at catching at least one of each species on our fish species page.

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Watch this video : Monster Carp Capture

Here is a fantistic video showing what kind of fishing to expect

See what our visitors have got to say about their time spent on the resort


I'm a keen angler and decided to try this place out for its fishing. WOW, what an experience.

From the moment we arrived to the moment we left the Jurassic team made us very welcome and catered for our every need, from our room to the food and of course the FISHING.

It truly was a DREAM come true for me, I can not recommend Jurassic mountain resort & fishing enough to any angler or to anyone wanting a beautiful stop away for a few days the views are amazing.

So I would like to thank the Jurassic team for this experience, but a special thank you to the gillies, George, Rick, & Mark can't thank you enough guys. You made my DREAM COME TRUE so THANK YOU.


I had been looking at a few fisheries near Bangkok but finally decided on Jurassic. I was very happy that I chose this one. The timeliness and attention to detail was outstanding. The driver was on time to pick me up.

As soon as I arrived I was greeted by friendly staff and fed breakfast. The food was delicious and quick to arrive. The gillies - George, Mark and Rik were outstanding as they all spoke perfect English, were extremely knowledgeable about how to fish the lake, how to handle the fish and tackle, and took care of me continuously. These guys are great!

The staff will serve your lunch or dinner directly to you if you like while fishing and the people on site are dynamic and friendly.

I caught many, many large fish both days!! If you come to Thailand and don't visit this place you are missing out, it is a one of a kind destination that I will never forget and can't wait to return to. Worth every penny, great value.


Me and my wife literally just arrived home after we spent 11 nights on our honeymoon.

What can I say... It is a fantastic place. Room was very clean and gets tidied every morning. Water in fridge, clean towels and great air con. The staff here are second to none, so friendly they get to know u all as well which is good they know ur name talk to you and do absolutely everything to ensure your stay is a pleasant one.

The gillies at the moment Mark, Rick and George are also brilliant lads and are on hand for all your fishing needs and will give you as little or as much help as u require from them.

Me and my wife left the boys a little tip and a bottle of bubbles to show our appreciation and I hope to see them all again sometime.

Taxis arranged as and when you need them, you literally dont have to lift a finger, the people here are so helpful.

Food and drink are reasonably priced and I thought was lovely. All in all we really enjoyed our stay here and HIGHLY RECOMMEND to anybody. Will soon be booking up again.

Watch this video : Resort Showcase

A short video to show you the high standard the resort upholds

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Take a break in the swimming pool

Relax in the jacuzzi or hide away under the waterfall

The swimming pool is surrounded by large palm trees and set into a lush tropical garden that feels like you are in paradise. Sit around the pool bar and enjoy a drink with your friends while you work on your sun tan.

Enjoy a relaxing massage

Take a break from fishing and get pampered by our excellent masseuse

There are facilities on site for you to have a massage any time of the day. The relaxing hut is situated next to our communal fish pond, so you can enjoy the soothing sounds of water running down the waterfall.

Food and drinks brought to you while you're fishing

Some fishermen want to spend every minute of the day sat behind their rods and thats fine by us

Food and drinks (including draft beer) can be brought to your spot on the lake for you to enjoy without the need to move an inch. Enjoy a full English breakfast and get the day off to a flying start or drink yourself into a stupor if thats your thing. The staff will cater to your every necessity.

Relax in the bar

Chill out in the aptly named "Anglers Rest" and enjoy draft beer or spirits of your choice

The Anglers Rest bar is equipped with a large screen TV for you to watch sports, movies or just some background music while you get acquainted with the other guests and fishery residents.

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Top quality equipment included

Included in the price of your fishing is the use of our rods, reels, bite alarms, rod pod and all other equipment required for a days fishing.

Bait included

You will be provided with enough bait to last you through the day. 10kg of fishmeal pellets and 10kg of frozen mackerel. A wide variety of additional bait is available on site.

Helpfull staff

There are 2-3 staff members dedicated to taking care of the anglers on the lake. They know every aspect of the lake, including the best places to fish and what methods work for the conditions of the day and will provide you with as much or little input as you request.

Watch this video : Accommodation Showcase

Another short video to showcase your accommodation during your holiday

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Whats included in your River Monsters Thailand package!

  • Our pain free packages take the hassle out of holidays
  • Luxury accommodation
  • Transfers from the airport and return
  • Return transfers for all day trip fishing excursions
  • Fishing 2 rods (1 Carp & 1 Predator)
  • Basic local bait included. Additional premium baits available to purchase
  • Access to all on site facilities, restaurant, bar, massage room, swimming pool, jacuzzi, gardens and of course the lake too
  • Resort & lake staff on hand to cater to your needs

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